Update Roundcube 1.4.2 (webmail)

Bij maken wij gebruik van Roundcube webmail.
Onze klanten kunnen deze omgevingen bereiken via:

Beheer paneel (;

Omdat wij veiligheid hoog in het vaandel hebben staan updaten wij ook regelmatig onze software.
Zo heeft Roundcube op 1 januari een nieuwe versie uitgebracht van hun software “versie 1.4.2” zie changelog hieronder.

CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail

– Password: Make Python 3 compatible (#7135)
– Elastic: Fix bug where it was possible to switch editor mode when ‘htmleditor’ was in ‘dont_override’ (#7143)

– Plugin API: Make actionbefore, before, actionafter and after events working with plugin actions (#7106)
– Managesieve: Replace “Filter disabled” with “Filter enabled” (#7028)
– Managesieve: Fix so modifier type select wasn’t hidden after hiding modifier select on header change
– Managesieve: Fix filter selection after removing a first filter (#7079)
– Markasjunk: Fix marking more than one message as spam/ham with email_learn driver (#7121)
– Password: Fix kpasswd and smb drivers’ double-escaping bug (#7092)
– Enigma: Add script to import keys from filesystem to the db storage (for multihost)
– Installer: Fix DB Write test on SQLite database (“database is locked” error) (#7064)
– Installer: Fix so SQLite DSN with a relative path to the database file works in Installer
– Elastic: Fix contrast of warning toasts (#7058)
– Elastic: Simple search in pretty selects (#7072)
– Elastic: Fix hidden list widget on mobile/tablet when selecting folder while search menu is open (#7120)
– Fix so type attribute on script tags is not used on HTML5 pages (#6975)
– Fix unread count after purge on a folder that is not currently selected (#7051)
– Fix bug where Enter key didn’t work on messages list in “List” layout (#7052)
– Fix bug where deleting a saved search in addressbook caused display issue on sources/groups list (#7061)
– Fix bug where a new saved search added after removing all searches wasn’t added to the list (#7061)
– Fix bug where a new contact group added after removing all groups from addressbook wasn’t added to the list
– Fix bug where Ctype extension wasn’t required in Installer and INSTALL file (#7049)
– Fix so removes Bootstrap’s sourceMappingURL (#7035)
– Fix so use of Ctrl+A does not scroll the list (#7020)
– Fix/remove useless keyup event handler on username input in logon form (#6970)
– Fix bug where cancelling switching from HTML to plain text didn’t set the flag properly (#7077)
– Fix bug where HTML reply could add an empty line with extra indentation above the original message (#7088)
– Fix matching multiple X-Forwarded-For addresses with ‘proxy_whitelist’ (#7107)
– Fix so displayed maximum attachment size depends also on ‘max_message_size’ (#7105)
– Fix bug where ‘skins_allowed’ option didn’t enforce user skin preference (#7080)
– Fix so contact’s organization field accepts up to 128 characters (it was 50)
– Fix bug where listing tables in PostgreSQL database with db_prefix didn’t work (#7093)
– Fix bug where ‘text’ attribute on body tag was ignored when displaying HTML message (#7109)
– Fix bug where next message wasn’t displayed after delete in List mode (#7096)
– Fix so number of contacts in a group is not limited to 200 when redirecting to mail composer from Contacts (#6972)
– Fix malformed characters in HTML message with charset meta tag not in head (#7116)